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What Will Set You Apart From The Rest?


It maybe your amazing and outstanding product. Perhaps your overall online presence. But you cannot deny the fact that a great company boils done to one thing: Stellar Customer Service. There is a famous saying that goes like this,

“The customer wont care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

That is the principle we hold very true in our company. To ensure that our clients are taken cared of every step of the way. To ensure that their needs are met and expectations are exceeded.

You can experience this first hand by calling us or clicking the link below.

Did You Know? What is Edible Ink?

Veesham Did You know

Food colorings and dyes, made from natural and synthetic sources, have been used for centuries, and are the edible inks most people are familiar with. Edible inks for use in printers, those used to reproduce photographs onto baked goods, were developed in the early years of the 2000s. For more information, click on the link below.

Veesham Client Diaries – Dora Toth

Veesham Client Diaries

Best wishes Dora on your upcoming wedding! Thank you for choosing us to be part of your special day.

Hot off the Press! – Personalized Playing Cards


Yep! These are Harry Potter Quiz Cards! Mr. Khalid sure knows how to have fun! Want to make design and print your own playing cards? Talk to one of our representative for more details!

Veesham Recommends – Priya Padmajith – Infocuz Group

Veesham Recommends

This week, Veesham highly recommends Priya Padmajith of Infocuz Group

Since the inception of Infocuz in 2013, Priya and her team have assisted companies with practical and cost-efficient Managed HR Services, setting up and managing their complete HR function.

With a unique combination of HR Policy design and implementation, automation of HR processes through a cloud based HR system and dedicated on-site and off-site expertise managing the day-to-day HR requirements, the Infocuz Managed HR Service is available for an all-inclusive affordable monthly fee.

Get in touch with Priya at 055 342 0553 or for more information!

We Are More Than Just A Printing Press


We are more than just a printing service. We add real and measured value to all your printing needs. We will assist you from the concept, design and the finishing touches of every requirement. With almost 15 years of proven track record in our roster, our success is our client’s success. Whether it be your personal business card, your wedding invitation, your company brochure or perhaps your product packaging, we are indeed your one stop shop! Get in touch with one of our customer care executive by clicking on the button below and let us know how we can help you make your visions into reality.

Yes! Your Font Matters!


You have come up with the best material for your brochure or business cards and have selected the best images to put. You even strategized where you want to display these amazing prints once they are finished. But your font choice is a disaster. You will then say to yourself, “It is only font. It’s very minor. Any graphic designer will tell you that it is.

When reading something, the font almost serves as the tone of the whole message. Imagine putting the mission and vision of your company in Comic Sans and people will instantly laugh once they see your company profile – this font looks very childish, unless of course you are running a nursery and the like. When choosing your font, it is best that you have a guideline to follow. Here are some questions you might want to consider for your next project?

Is it Readable?
Ok, let’s start at the beginning. The most important thing when it comes to fonts, especially for your promotional and training materials, is that they are easy to read. After all, you are trying to convey information and want it to stick with people. The general rule of thumb is that serif fonts (they have the little feet at the bottom of the letters) like Cambria, Georgia, and Times New Roman are excellent for printed materials and that sans-serif fonts like Arial, Helvetica, Lato, and Open Sans work well for screens.

Does it highlight your message?
The font you choose should match the tone of your message. A handwritten font, for example, wouldn’t be a good choice for a technical manual, though, it might make a nice choice for your name on your business card. Make sure that whichever font you choose helps convey your message and really represents the tone you are going for with your message. Going for elegant and classy? Go for script font that looks like cursive.

Does it Grab Attention?
Your titles, subheadings, and mottos should draw your reader in and capture their attention. More allowance is made for funkier fonts here, as long as they aren’t overused. The goal is captivating, not repelling, so don’t overuse it.

After expending energy crafting the perfect prose, we understand you may not want to play around with fonts. At the same time, you probably want your brochure, postcard, or sell sheet to look perfect. That’s why Veesham Printing Press has graphic designers on staff.

After all, we do want to make you always look good on paper!

You have to be visible in order to be trusted and them aim to get profitability


The above stands so true when you are out there meeting clients. It all comes down to building relationships and keeping in touch and leaving a positive impression.

I have been a member of BNI which stands for Business Network International for over 8 years and this is one of the things we have learnt. Not only has it been made our business visible but it has also made us the go to experts, if any of the members have any requirements, be it printing or something totally different.

BNI, not only has tangible benefits like getting business and connections but it has a set of intangible benefits which are so important – some of them being the training it provides that you can take back to your companies, the connections you build with the members who then become your strong support network to look up to for any business advice.

To know more about BNI and what it does, do reply back to me and also check out their website on

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