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Did You Know? What is Edible Ink?

Veesham Did You know

Food colorings and dyes, made from natural and synthetic sources, have been used for centuries, and are the edible inks most people are familiar with. Edible inks for use in printers, those used to reproduce photographs onto baked goods, were developed in the early years of the 2000s. For more information, click on the link below.

Veesham Testimonial – Merete – Zen Interiors

Veesham Testimonial

We are truly humbled with these words Merete! We appreciate your continuous support over this years!

Veesham Client Diaries – Lorenzo – N Level

Veesham Client Diaries

We enjoyed having you around in the press! We wish you continued success, Lorenzo!

Veesham Recommends – Taimur Hydari of Write It Right

Veesham Recommends

This week, Veesham highly recommends Taimur Hydari of Write It Right.

At Write It Right, experienced writers and editors deliver perfectly tailored writing on time and on target. They ensure your content matches your goals by focusing on your objectives and intended audience. Their proofreading, editing, and content creation services help you generate more clicks, views, brand value, and customer trust.

Get in touch with Taimur at 056 757 1969 or for more information!

Ensure Cohesive Branding for your Business!


You could print countless business cards, brochures, posters, stickers or postcards, but if they don’t have a cohesive and appealing design, they will never be effective at promoting your business, product, service or event.

Because marketing collateral is a drive force behind your business, it should familiarize potential clients and business partners with your products, services and the goals that your business has while simultaneously building and reinforcing your brand.

Veesham Recommends – Arshi Kaura – Legends Accounting Services

Veesham Recommends

This week, Veesham highly recommends Arshi Kaura of Legends Accounting Services

Founded in 2011 by Arshi Kaura, Legends Accounting was established with the vision of bridging the traditional disconnect between a business management and finance functions. By evolving the outsourcing accounting model, Legends has developed its offering to work even more closely with its clients, leveraging the latest technology to become a partner, rather than merely a service provider.

With a huge team of qualified accountants and business experts, Legends handles the bookkeeping, accounting and reporting functions for businesses of all sizes around the world.

Get in touch with Arshi at 050 522 3602 or for more information!

Veesham Testimonial – Mohannad Abou Hammoud – Cactix

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Those are really kind words Mohannad. We are so pleased that you were satisfied with our products and service!

Did You Know? The first Telephone Directory Ever Printed?

Did You Know

The first telephone directory, consisting of a single piece of cardboard, was issued on 21 February 1878; it listed 50 individuals, businesses, and other offices in New Haven, Connecticut that had telephones.

Veesham Client Diaries – Angel Maceda Buclatin – Sweet Escape Holiday Tourism

Veesham Client Diaries

Your energy is just contagious! We are so amazed with all the inputs you have for your cards. Thanks for dropping by!

Why Graphic Designers are Your New Best Friend!

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They can do all your design and so much more!

… well, maybe not all. But they can do a lot for your branding and identity. Having a distinctive brand helps you create your business’s identity and stand out from the competition. Your brand is your company’s story, and it should inform everything from your logo to the font in your email campaigns. A good graphic designer can help you turn your company’s mission statement and story into a visually compelling brand that represents your culture.

If you are looking for graphic designers you want to create your identity with, contact us to schedule a free corporate branding consultation.