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Did You Know? Fonts Used To Be Named After People Who Created Them?

Did You Know

Did you know that the typefaces or fonts that you use to print your documents used to actually be named after their creators? That’s right, many of the font names you use used to be someone else’s name.

The best example of this is Garamond which is named after its creator Claude Garamonde who was a famous French printer. Garamond is one of the most economical fonts you can use with regard to saving ink today!

Veesham Testimonial – Judy Regodon – Younoh Media


We are thankful for your appreciation and trust in our company. We cannot wait for your next visit and we wish you continuous success Judy!

Veesham Client Diaries – Audrey and Daniel

Veesham Client Diaries

You guys simply rock! It was really fun witnessing your dedication to your requirements and to each other! Congratulations and Best Wishes to you Both!

Veesham Recommends – Prashant Edessari – Gravity

Veesham Recommends

If you are a prospective client, you strongly need to believe that your HOLDING FORCE is not only the bottom line, but also the people who helps you get to the bottom line.Gravity has a team of Talentologists within a boutique HR consultancy who dedicate their time for their clients in identifying the best fit talents, helping them in training their employees skills for higher levels of productivity and also in auditing their people strategy together with restructuring or even setting up a whole new HR department.

To know more about Gravity, please click here check out their website.

You have to be visible in order to be trusted and them aim to get profitability


The above stands so true when you are out there meeting clients. It all comes down to building relationships and keeping in touch and leaving a positive impression.

I have been a member of BNI which stands for Business Network International for over 8 years and this is one of the things we have learnt. Not only has it been made our business visible but it has also made us the go to experts, if any of the members have any requirements, be it printing or something totally different.

BNI, not only has tangible benefits like getting business and connections but it has a set of intangible benefits which are so important – some of them being the training it provides that you can take back to your companies, the connections you build with the members who then become your strong support network to look up to for any business advice.

To know more about BNI and what it does, do reply back to me and also check out their website on

Veesham Recommends – Nadeem Ahmed – Globalex

Veesham Recommends

Globalex is a group of companies offering various services all over UAE, one of them being waste management. if you are a corporate or industry which uses chemicals, paper, which requires waste management or if you are staying in a villa where you need clean swimming water, then these are the guys to get in touch with.

To know more about Globalex, please click on this link to check out their website.

Did You Know? Dubai has its own Font!

Did You Know

Expression is the way everyone shares their thoughts, ideas and emotions. Writing is a form of expressing oneself and Dubai is giving the world a new way tool to communicate with. The Dubai Font. Designed to unite the world through the power of expression. The Dubai Font is a project commissioned by His Highness, Sheikh Hamdan and launched by The Executive Council of Dubai in partnership with Microsoft.

Veesham Testimonial – Matt Coe – Reset Active


We are thankful for your appreciation and trust in our company. We cannot wait for your next visit and we wish you continuous success Matt!

Veesham Client Diaries – Amanda Perry – Vital Corporate Solutions

Veesham Client Diaries

Thank you Amanda for your continuous support and confidence in us. We have helped Amanda and her company with all their corporate and marketing print solutions.

Head on to for more information.

Veesham Recommends – Drishti Jaswani – JAVI

Veesham Recommends

This week, Veesham highly recommends Drishti Jaswani of Javi.

Under their exclusive brand JAVI they provide 2 services; For your home enhancements and gifting needs, they offer personalized and hand made trays, coasters, key holders, jewelry and watch boxes, tissue box and cutlery stands made from high quality materials In edibles for the busy you , its the super healthy homemade organic granola on the go and seed mix and also dates with different fillings.