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Back to School with Veesham Printing Press!


It’s Back to School week!

Children don’t wait for this day but this is the day that schools and parents plan for in terms of the planners, workbooks, books, clothes, in short everything that a child needs to make sure that his or her term starts well. Veesham Printing Press has been working with quite a few schools and nurseries such as Springdales Nursery, Regent School, Gardenia School, Agakhan Nursery, Kidzventure, Power Tutoring, Hope Montessori to name a few.
So, if you know of any school or nursery or are planning to make some work books, planners, labels for your kids, then do get in touch with us.
More information and interesting updates on schools and kids will be posted on this page. So, do make sure you are connected to us !