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In the business of doing better than their best always, meet Smita Pullat an AV industry expert.


AV Concepts LLC is a premier audio-visual production company, providing a gamut of services in the AV industry with complete solutions to turnkey events, exhibitions, conferences and more. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, we have a presence in 6 countries across the GCC. We pride ourselves in servicing the wants and needs of our customers at the right price and doing so better than our best. Smita can be contacted on the following details : M: +971 56 128 3040 E: W:

Effective ways to use roll up banners to get the word out about your business.

Veesham Printing Press LLC – Below are some effective ways to use roll up banners to get the word out about your business. 1. Use pull up banners to advertise special events. – Use to advertise for special event or a holiday sale, you assure that you will stand out from the crowd during these busy times without overusing the medium. 2. Use pull up banners to soft sell. – don’t go for hard sell marketing, roll up banner will naturally draw the eye into the direction of the business. 3. Use pull up banners inside of stores for clarification purposes. – Popular items that people are always trying to find can be easily pointed out with a message on a roll up banner. 4. Use pull up banners to notify customers of sales. – Roll up banners are quite effective in driving sales of loss leader items once a potential consumer has entered the store. 5. Use pull up banners to give directions to your store. – Help your potential consumers find you by strategically placing roll up banners around your store vicinity to guide people in.

When Your Time Is Good….

Veesham Printing Press – When Your Time Is Good

10 Powerful Networking Tips when using Business Cards

Veesham Printing Press – 10 Powerful Networking Tips when using Business Cards Here are some proven reasons for how a business card can land you a job or help create that important business opportunity: 1. Never leave home without them. 2.Send when paying bills 3. Good manner when giving a business card 4. Don’t be shy 5. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. 6. Make the most of every chance you get to network 7. Get involved more 8. Follow up 9. Personalize your contact with new people 10. You need a good slogan

UV Coating and Its Advantages

UV coating increases color vibrancy, depth and improves transparency to extenuate every detail. The advantages of UV coating are:
  • Vivid and brilliant
  • Razor sharp print results
  • Durable and stable
  • Premium look and feel
  • Scratch resistant
  • Solvent-free and environmentally friendly

What is printing Bleed?

Bleed is when a document is printed larger than is needed in order for it to be trimmed back to its original size after printing. This helps ensure that any background colours or images are printed edge to edge and avoids any unsightly white edges showing. As the sheet fed material passes through a printing press it has a tendency to move slightly, and only a fraction of a millimeter can result in an unsightly white slither of non-printed area remains. This small movement can also occur on the guillotine, as the final job is being cut down to size – resulting in the same problem.

RGB? CMYK? What does it stand for? And whats the difference?

Veesham Printing Press LLC – RGB? CMYK? What does it stand for? And whats the difference?

What is Creasing?

In the paper industry, creasing refers to a way of changing the shape of the paper. In order to be able to fold a sheet more easily, the paper gets weakened along the so called “creasing line”, i.e. a channel is formed along the paper, which weakens its structure as the material is stretched all the way along the fold line. When the sheet of paper is turned over, the bottom of the channel score is visible as a thin linear elevation.

Two ways of folding a leaflet

Veesham Printing Press LLC – Two ways of folding a leaflet

What are perforation lines?

Perforation comes from the Latin word “foramen” and means hole or opening. It describes the piercing of objects in a regular alignment. For print products it refers to the perforation of paper or cardboard packaging so it is easy to tear off a piece of paper or a section of a page. Perforations are most commonly used so that contact details or other important information can be removed from the actual print product and kept for future reference.