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Complimentary Slips

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Great designs from Veesham Printing Press


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Great designs of Envelopes from Veesham Printing Press

What software do the graphic designers at Veesham Printing Press use?

At Veesham Printing Press, we use software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw and Freehand; and handle both MAC and PC formats.

What will I require to process my job?

Place an order; give the exact specification of your job like the number of colors, paper to be used and finishing. Do not forget to mention your special requirements like lamination, numbering, special color printing, spot UV etc., as well.

Can you use the files that I send through e-mail?

Definitely Yes. There is no difference between a file copied to a disc and sent and an email attachment.

Can I use MS Office programs to design a flyer?

Yes. But not suggested. MS Office is designed for, as the name stands for, office utilities. We do receive a few inquiries with PowerPoint attachments as artwork but that doubles our time in the graphic designing section because it has to be recreated on Adobe Illustrator.

Why this fuss about Resolution? What is it? How will I know whether my image has got enough resolution?

Resolution decides the quality of images. It means the amount of information available in a unit area. Usually it is measured in dots per square inch (dpi). A 72 dpi image has 72 dots (pixels) in a square inch, defining that area of the picture. Likewise a 300 dpi image has 300 dots per square inch. For web 72 dpi image will be justified. But for printing we need 300 dpi (high resolution) for good results. If we use a low-resolution image for printing the output will be a jaggered and blurred picture. To know whether your image has got enough resolution you have to open it in professional software like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Photo Paint and look for resolution. If you don’t have this software, just by checking the file size you will have an understanding of what kind of image it is. For example, a file size of 1kb to 100kb is not for printing. This is just an indication. Not a rule.

Why can’t I use images scanned from other brochures, magazines etc.?

Copyright laws protect most of the images used. So unauthorized copying may lead to legal penalties.

Why can’t I use images taken from web sites?

There are two reasons for you can’t use them. 1. Images from website are of very low resolution with which a good offset print production is not possible. 2. Copyright laws protect most of the images used. So unauthorized copying may lead to legal penalties.

What is the minimum and maximum number of copies you can print?

There is no minimum or maximum numbers. Depending on the job the printer will be taking 100 to 500 print runs to get the correct output. Meaning, to print 1 copy or 100,000 copies takes the same make-ready effort. For that reason, printing less than 500 copies in offset will not be economical. The larger the quantity the lower the unit cost.